We Are...
...an ever evolving team of designers, developers and thinkers working together to exceed the expectations of our clients. We help organizations define and execute successful strategies. We can be a complete creative resource, or function in a supporting role for internal creative/marketing teams. We ensure that every font, graphic, and color communicates who you are.
We are people with different skills, knowledge, and perspectives that collaborate towards a common goal. We pool our strengths and compensate for each other's weaknesses, resulting in more effective work. We've learned that teamwork is essential for creating great work, promoting innovation, and building strong relationships. We're grateful for the opportunities and trust put forth by our clients and partners. We feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to help them be successful.
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It's a Team Effort
We've assembled a sensational lineup here at Brandish. Depending on your project's size we have a network of partner firms and individuals ready to lend their knowledge and expertise.
Ethan Wright
Founder and CCO ethan@simplybrandish.com pixel perfectionist
Stacey Ruter
COO and Director of Admin stacey@simplybrandish.com wrangles Ethan
Alejandro Almanza
Graphic and Motion Designer alejandro@simplybrandish.com command Z enthusiast
Devin Kent
Designer devin@simplybrandish.com if it bleeds we can crop it
Jeff Johnson
Developer jeff@simplybrandish.com do-it all dad
Aimee Davis
Accountant accounts@simplybrandish.com workout warrior