user experience design

Developing an effective UI/UX experience takes into consideration aspects of behavior, emotion, technology and research. It’s the sweet spot realized by understanding how the end user, your business goals and the latest technology can work together.

A well-designed user interface can make a site or application easy to use, intuitive, and enjoyable, while a poorly designed one can be so frustrating users abandon sites within seconds. By prioritizing user needs and designing with their experience in mind, we create interfaces that are efficient and effective.

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Research and Discovery

Understanding user behavior and developing comprehensive user models is the first step in building a successful experience. Creating a complete picture through existing data and customer profiling, we're able to craft a product that anticipates their needs.

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The User Journey

No journeys start without a map. This step in our process is all about defining how and when the right content is provided to the user. Site architecture is crucial in providing the optimal experience.

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Wireframes are a critical step in the UI/UX process. It helps designers clarify website goals, evaluate and refine ideas, and streamline the design process. Wireframes are the primary way to communicate ideas and collaborate with project stakeholders.


"I couldn't be happier with UI/UX work that Brandish did for us. Their expertise and attention to detail really shone through, and they were always there to help with any issues. Working with them made the whole process a breeze and we're thrilled with the end result."

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By focusing on development support, we ensure our projects meet the standards set in design.

We have crafted a unique development process for highly custom experiences. For larger (e-commerce) sites, we partner with a wide variety of firms, or with your internal team to bring the project to life. We've found the key to success is clear communication and a willingness to listen. We strive to build trust and earn respect, which leads to stronger working relationships and better outcomes.

testing and analytics
testing and analytics

Testing and analytics are the only way to ensure that a website is meeting its intended goals and providing a positive user experience. By continually monitoring and optimizing the website, we improve it's performance and unlock it's true potential.

Analytics provide insights into how users are interacting with a website, which can help us to identify areas where the user experience could be improved and optimized. Making data-driven decisions will ensure a better user experience and increase conversion.